Rubadeck Decking Tiles have all of the benefits of the industry-leading Rubadeck decking as well as the fact that:

  • With Rubadeck Decking Tiles it is even quicker and easier to produce a safe area without the need for a sub structure (that you would normally associate with Decking).
  • Rubadeck Decking Tiles can be used to ‘deck’ even small areas to step out onto, or any other areas where slipping may be a problem.

Rubadeck Decking Tiles can be laid on any suitable flat surface –even on top of normal decking to produce a professional, safe and comfortable area.

Available in three colours, Rubadeck Decking Tiles will brighten up any area, as well as making it safer to walk and more comfortable.

Easy to install

All you need for installation of your slip resistant decking are standard woodworking tools, no special equipment is needed.

Delivery Charges:

1-5 tiles £10
6-10 tiles £20
10-15 tiles  £30
16-20 tiles  £40
21-25 tiles  £50
26-30 tiles  £60

For larger quantities, please contact the office  01909 561 895

Delivery to anywhere in the UK except Northern Ireland.

To Order a Free Sample of Rubadeck Decking Tiles Click Here