Rubadeck Slip Resistant Decking (4.2 Metre)



Rubadeck Slip Resistant Decking is a slip resistant deck board which combines EPDM rubber granules, granules from recycled rubber and pressure treated softwood.

The resulting product provides not only an attractive and colourful alternative to traditional timber decking but also a non-abrasive safe slip resistant surface in wet or dry conditions.


Decking calculator

Anti Slip Decking Colours from Rubadeck


28mm x 119mm x 4.2

Allow a 4mm gap which is required between each deck board.


Rubadeck is rated as providing ‘low potential for slip’ when independently tested to BS 7976 part 2 to conform with UK Slip Resistance Guidelines.

Importantly Rubadeck achieves the ‘low slip’ rating in each of the three test procedures, across, diagonal to and along the board length.


  • A comfortable foot friendly surface,
  • The potential to reduce noise levels,
  • A soft surface which reduces the risk of injury should a fall occur,
  • Easy to cut with standard woodworking tools


Rubadeck is a Low Slip Deck Board carries a 15 year warranty against rot and fungal decay.

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